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           Welcome to the Home of The Fashion Archaeologist!                 


We're so glad you dropped by... please come in!

And forgive the disarray.   We've made some big changes to our home and work is still going on.  Feel free to scroll through the pages at upper left to see what we have planned, enjoy your visit, and please stop in again soon.

                                         What Exactly Do We Do?   

We are thoroughly, madly besotted with historical fashion and with recreating and preserving treasures of antique design that might otherwise be lost forever.  We draw our inspiration from an extensive archive of historical documentation as we choose designs to develop for our catalogue and for sale through our eBay store,  "The Fashion Archaeologist", and Etsy shop, "FashionArchaeologist".                               

1)  First, for everybody who loves to sew antique designs ~~

Our eBay store offers antique sewing patterns for sale, including our exclusive line of 'Edwardian Rose' patterns. We're currently focusing on 1911 to 1913 designs, but we'll be expanding to include Civil War era (1850-1867), late Victorian, and later-Edwardian designs (1913 - 1919), as well as 1920's styles. 

How do our patterns differ from many other antique patterns currently on the market?  Our ready-to-sew patterns can be used straight out of the envelope just like modern commercial sewing patterns.  They don't require special re-drafting or enlargement from a "sketch" size.  We've already done that work for you. 

Each of our patterns includes step-by-step instructions in English, unlike many replicated antique patterns that are simply copied from the antique outlines with little in the way of instructions other than what is assumed from looking at the pattern shapes -- and often those assumptions are wrong!  Many sellers of antique patterns do not have the background or skills to be able to properly interpret and reproduce antique designs for use by modern home sewers.  The result is a disappointing and sometimes frustrating experience for the pattern buyer. 

Most of our source material is French.  Because we actually study and translate the original descriptions, instructions and pattern indications, and because every garment is test-sewn to work out issues, we can give our customers the kind of detailed written guidance to recreate an antique design that is only possible with French language skills and experience in historical garment construction. 

Besides our line of sewing patterns, we hope to expand our catalogue to include CDs of beautiful antique fashion images and other items of interest to those who love historical costume.  We're also planning a blog via this site to offer advice and tutorials for our customers and for anyone who loves antique fashion. 

Click here:  "The Fashion Archaeologist on eBay" to go directly to our eBay storefront page to buy our ready-to-sew patterns in traditional paper format or on CD.

Or visit our Etsy shop, where we offer digital (PDF) versions of our patterns (at a discounted price from our paper patterns), for instant download and printing from home.  With these digital patterns, you can start sewing the same day you purchase a pattern! 

Click here to go directly to our Etsy shop:  "FashionArchaeologist on Etsy"

2)   Second, especially for professionals  and community arts groups ~~

We will be compiling a library of antique designs on this site from which to choose custom pattern drafts -- an invaluable resource for theatres, opera companies, museums and filmmakers, etc.   Please click on "Our Catalogues" at upper left and choose "Custom Pattern Drafting" for details.  Professionals and not-for-profit community arts organizations: while we are building this site, please feel free to contact us by email at any time for further information, at thefashionarchaeologist@yahoo.com.    

3)  Last but definitely not least ~~

Would you like a replica antique corset or gown custom-made to wear?   We accept a limited number of commissions for the creation of historical Edwardian era garments.  Click on  'Custom Couture' in the link to "Our Catalogues" at top left of this page.  We only reproduce historical garments from designs and in materials as close as possible to the originals - we're sorry, but we do not make cheap or hybrid "costumes".  We re-make an historical garment almost precisely as it would have been made by a dressmaker of the era.  Understandably, these are not inexpensive to produce. 

While we are building this site, please contact us directly by email (thefashionarchaeologist@yahoo.com) for currently available styles and for a price quote. 

                                              Would you like to see more?

While you're here, take a look at our PHOTO GALLERY, showcasing some of the replica garments we've previously made for clients or developed for our line of antique patterns.  Go directly to the photo gallery by clicking on this link:  Photo Gallery

Visit our eBay Store - Click here to be taken directly to our eBay store home page:  "The Fashion Archaeologist", for items currently for sale, including Edwardian era patterns, beautiful  corsets and other replica garments.  

Or drop by our Etsy Shop - Click here to go directly to our Etsy shop home page: "FashionArchaeologist".

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Click here to visit us on Facebook, follow our current projects, ask any questions about antique garment construction, or just to chat:  "The Fashion Archaeologist on Facebook"

We hope to see you soon!

There's more coming to this site!  But while we're working on it, you can reach us by email at:   thefashionarchaeologist@yahoo.com.                                                    Or make an entry in our guestbook.  We'd love to hear from you with your "wish list"!


                                             Thank you for visiting !