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                                            OUR CATALOGUES

We have 3 different catalogues.  Please click on the subdirectory links at left to access each one.  The items in each catalogue are organized by the year in which the design originated.  The three catalogues are:

1. Antique Patterns & CDs:

Ready-to-use antique sewing patterns for those interested in fashion history, available as pre-printed paper patterns and soon available on CD to print out at home.  Visit our eBay store, "The Fashion Archaeologist" to purchase patterns and other items we currently have for sale -- follow this link: http://stores.ebay.ca/The-Fashion-Archaeologist to go directly to the storefront page.  

2. Custom Couture:

An exclusive and limited service for replica garments developed directly from antique sources.  Check our eBay store, as some "ready-to-wear" antique replicas may be available for sale.   However, we can replicate any of our patterns for you personally, or many of the designs shown in our Photo Gallery.  Edwardian evening gowns and corsets are our specialty.  (View our new, expanded GALLERY by clicking on this link:


Please contact us directly  by email at: thefashionarchaeologist@yahoo.com  if there is an Edwardian replica garment you'd like custom-made for you.  Prices upon request, deposit required on acceptance of agreement for sale, or we can list the completed garment for you to purchase through eBay (no deposit required). 

Click on the "Custom Couture" link at left for more details and sample prices.

3. Custom Pattern Drafting: 

For arts professionals and not-for-profit arts organizations, such as theatre & opera companies, filmmakers, museums, historical exhibitors, etc., who require accurate historical reproductions and already have the skills to grade and fit antique garments, but are looking for accurate source designs. 

Our custom drafting service provides patterns drafted on request from an extensive collection of authentic designs taken directly from antique sources.  These cover a wide range of women's, men's and children's/baby's apparel, from everyday garments and sport or activity-specific clothing to grand evening and ball gowns, from the 1860's to the 1960's. 

If you are an arts group or arts professional looking for a garment pattern for a specific historical period, while we are building this site please contact us directly by email for more information at: thefashionarchaeologist@yahoo.com.