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Theatrical and museum professionals and non-profit arts groups: 

While we're developing this catalogue, please contact us directly by email at: thefashionarchaeologist@yahoo.com if you would like to discuss having a pattern drafted from a particular era and we can provide you with details of available designs.  We have hundreds of antique garment patterns from which to choose, for just about any era and purpose. 

We offer a unique service and resource for theatrical arts, film, museum and historical professionals and other arts groups -- custom pattern drafting from rare and authentic antique patterns.  

Select a garment from our extensive catalogue of women's, men's and children's apparel, from the 1860's to the 1930's, mostly from French sources.  We will draft a pattern for you for the fee indicated next to each design.  Fees are based primarily on complexity of the design, and include the airmail delivery cost (by Canada Post), based on size and weight.  Note: All original sources are in the public domain, but our pattern drafts are copyright and not to be re-sold for commercial purposes without our prior consent.  

Our custom pattern fee includes:

  • Drafting of garment pattern pieces using seamlines and sizing from original antique source, in professional-quality permanent ink on vellum (or 20lb paper if preferred);
  • Inclusion of all original pattern marks & indications, plus translation (into English) of existing construction notes;
  • Notations on pattern pieces in English where required for clarity;
  • Addition of grainlines, dart indications, hemlines, etc. and drafting of original embroidery designs where available;
  • Additional general interpretative, explanatory or construction notes (in English);
  • Notes on any ancillary pieces needed to be drafted (facings, plackets, etc.) and how these should be done;
  • Delivery of pattern by airmail in a sturdy plastic storage envelope;
  • A print of the fashion sketch of the original garment, for reference.

Seam allowances are not included, as it is presumed the professional or experienced costumer will want to grade or otherwise alter the pattern for use.  Sizing given in the catalogues below is per the original antique pattern. 

There are 6 catalogues in this Library:

1)     Ladies' Apparel

2)     Men's Apparel

3)     Baby Items

4)     Girls' Apparel (from about 2 to 16 years old)

5)     Boys' apparel (2 to 16 years old)

6)     Accessories and miscellaneous items

We will be expanding our custom pattern-drafting catalogues as time goes on, so please be sure to check back regularly. 

                             Catalogue #1 - Ladies' Garments

~Ladies' Lingerie & Corsets ~

YearDescription & Garment SizeSketchFee

~ Ladies' Evening, Bridal & Dinner Gowns (grand gowns) ~

YearDescription & Garment SizingPhoto/SketchFee

~ Ladies'  Day Apparel ~ (Day gowns, blouses, skirts, etc.) ~

YearDescription & Garment SizingPhoto/SketchFee

~ Ladies' Outerwear (Coats, Jackets, Mantels, Capes, Boas, etc.)~

YearDescription & Garment SizingPhoto/SketchFee

~Ladies' Sporting & Outdoor Activities Wear ~

YearDescription & Garment SizingPhoto/SketchFee

~ Ladies' Mourning Apparel (Including outerwear) ~

YearDescription & Garment SizingPhoto/SketchFee

               Catalogue #2 - Men's Apparel

~ Men's Undergarments ~

~ Men's Daywear & Outerwear~

~ Men's Ties, Collars, Cuffs & Accessories ~

               Catalogue #3 - Baby Items

~ Baby (newborn to about 2 yrs) Trousseau Items, Daywear, Lingerie, & Miscellaneous Baby Items ~

            Catalogue #4 - Girls' Apparel (2 to 16 yrs)

Girls' Day Wear ~

~Girls' Undergarments/Lingerie ~

~ Girls' Outerwear (Jackets, Coats, etc.) ~

Girls' Fancy/Special Occasion Clothing ~

           Catalogue #5 - Boys' Apparel (2 to 16 yrs)

Boys' Day Wear ~

Boys' Undergarments ~

~ Boys' Outerwear (Jackets, Coats, etc.) ~

Boys' Fancy/Special Occasion Clothing ~

         Catalogue #6 - Accessories & Misc. Items