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How Does Our Custom Couture Service Work?

We do take on custom work, but because our focus is on developing our line of antique patterns, we can only undertake a limited amount of custom dressmaking, so these projects are on a first-come, first-served basis.  We can make almost any garment from our pattern line, within the sizing available in those patterns (see link at left for our current line of antique patterns), or we can duplicate most of the antique replica garments shown in our Gallery (please see the link on our Home page here).  If you are of average height and a medium size, you will probably fall within our pattern sizes.

If you are interested in having a particular garment from our line replicated for you personally, feel free to email us at thefashionarchaeologist@yahoo.com.  While we will work with you to choose colours and fit, please understand that our credo is to produce truly authentic historical garments, just as they would have been made in the early 20th century.  This means we will not create fantasy "costume" or amalgams of different eras, and we insist on using natural fabrics in colours appropriate to the design and era, as far as absolutely possible.  If we don't have the right fabric(s) available in our stock, we can locate and purchase them for you.

We specialize in re-creating the ethereal and beautiful formal gowns of the Edwardian era that are almost impossible to find today as antique originals in wearable size or condition.  We also reproduce early 20th century corsetry, and can make a corset for you based on either our 1906 S-bend model or the later, Titanic-era "long-line" corset model.  See our Photo Gallery for examples of both styles. 

How Much Will It Cost?

Because we actually replicate antique designs, rather than creating garments that simply "look like" antique fashions, we construct them as they would have been made 100 years ago or more.  This of course involves a great deal of hand sewing and hand-finishing -- much of Edwardian construction was done by skillful handwork, with only the main seams sewn by machine.  We use natural silks, linens, wools and (sometimes) cottons in the way they would have been used in the original designs, and these natural fabrics can be expensive.   We believe there is no point in spending 60 hours reproducing an antique Edwardian gown out of cheap synthetics, because the result will never resemble the original garment, either in drape or appearance.

The other aspect of re-creating an Edwardian fashion is that garments themselves were constructed very differently from modern clothing.  Most formal day wear for women, and almost all evening wear was built up on a close-fitting, boned foundation, and consisted of several layers, each fitted to the previous.  This is not unlike what modern couture houses do today in making grand evening gowns for their exclusive clientele. 

Anywhere from 50 to 80 hours or more - in other words, a week or two of full-time work - can go into recreating an Edwardian gown, depending on the complexity of the design and the embellishment.  Since it is virtually impossible today to replicate the extensive and time-consuming hand-embroidery work found on many antique formal gowns (assuming you could find someone skilled enough to do it!), we use machine-made laces or embroidery to duplicate the effect.  Otherwise, our replicas are constructed just as they would have been by a dressmaker 100 years ago -- which does take time!

All of the above said, it is still possible to have one of our authentic re-creations of an Edwardian gown, corset, or suit made for you within the sort of pricing you would expect of a modern professional custom dressmaker, and not a Parisian couturier's prices!  Our evening and wedding gowns are priced close to what you would pay to have a modern gown custom-made.  We are a very small studio of one, sometimes two people, so we don't have the economy of scale that large garment production factories have -- which would defeat our purpose in any case.  We want to create beautiful, unique, replicated antique pieces that could never be made in a factory and that will make your historical event or occasion unforgettable! 

Following are just a few examples of the type of work we can custom-make, and some representative prices.  These photographs and more, including close-ups, can be viewed in our newly updated and expanded Photo Gallery - click on this link:  http://edwardianrose.dot5hosting.com/coppermine 

Please remember that the prices shown assume fairly standard sizing, i.e. no extensive grading or alterations for fit.  With antique replica garments, there are in any case sometimes limits to the ability to alter size and still maintain the integrity of the original design.

Our Design #DescriptionSample Price Range & Sizing


November 1911 Evening or Ball Gown in Silk Satin, Chiffon & Lace with silk taffeta foundation and beading & satin rose embellishment, based on design
from La Mode Illustrée

$425 - $650, depending
on embellishment
(hand-made roses or other)
3 sizes currently available

(Bodice back, showing floating chiffon bertha and hand-made satin rose embellishment)

(Original French sketch from La Mode Illustrée)



1912 Summer Gown in linen, with high
lace collar, coloured jacquard trim
& silk satin bands (Hat not included)

From $240 - $275, depending on
fabric & trimmings
5 sizes & 2 lengths available


1906-A-001 Corset:

1906 Corset ("S-Bend" style), in silk
satin with cotton batiste lining, or in silk
brocade, coutil brocade or plain cotton
brocade, boned in modern plastic boning
or full steel boning - All corsets have steel
busk.  Silk satin corsets available in many
colour choices; other fabrics limited. 
Many colours & types of lace & ribbon.

$270 (cottons), $320 (silk satin),
$350 (silk brocade or coutil brocade)
Add'l $50 for steel boning; Add'l $35 for decorative
garters (see photos)

Available in sm/med/larger,
but must be custom-cut & custom-fit


1910-1912 Corset:

Late-Edwardian "long-line" style
corset, can be made in same fabrics as
for 1906 corset

$250 (cottons); $300 (silk satin), $330 (silk brocade or coutil brocade;
Add'l $50 for steel boning; Add'l $35 for decorative
garters.  Sizes as for 1906 corset


1909 Ball/Evening Gown:

A supremely beautiful 1909 pure silk satin evening or ball gown in a flowing Empire cut with a full evening train and layered lace & chiffon bodice with sequin trim - Divine!

$575 to $700, depending on materials & custom-sizing;
1 size currently
available (B:37-38; W:28-29"; H:38-40"); Could be custom-drafted for a slightly larger size at the higher price range

(Bodice back, showing decorative satin bows and lace overbodice)
(Showing complex layers of interior construction of this gown - black silk taffeta boned underbodice, purple satin bodice, lace overbodice with violet silk chiffon lining)

(1909 French Sketch from La Mode Illustrée)



Classic and elegant late Edwardian bridal gown, in 100% silk satin with floating satin back & front panels, French lace bodice and sleeve detail, high collar, boned taffeta underbodice and
China silk lining

$575 - $700 depending on sizing;
Currently available in one size: B: 36-37"; W: 28-1/2 - 30"; Hip:39-41"; Could be custom-fitted to slightly smaller or larger size at higher price range

(Antique sketch of gown from 1911 La Mode Illustrée)



A flowing "hobble"-style 1910 formal silk gown, constructed on a traditional Edwardian boned foundation, with fine lace bodice inset, sleeve falls and high collar, and silk satin contrast bands. The photos show the design made up in a black and white silk jacquard satin.

Currently available in a medium-small and large sizing; could be custom-sized

$250 to $280, depending on sizing and finishing (silk lining or synthetic)

1912-A-005 Jacket 
(with 1912-A-064 Skirt)
A charming 1912 walking suit with a flattering matching "cutaway" or "Directoire" style jacket, cut short at front and long in the back; Skirt with floating flounce embellished with soutache in the original 1912 design.  Can be made in either wool with velvet details (for cool weather wear), or in linen with silk shantung details (for warmer weather).  Blouse shown in photographs is not included.From $425 (for linen & silk) to $475 (for wool & velvet), depending on size (blouse not included).  Four sizes available - Small/Med./Large/Extra Large.  Please contact us for details.
(Detail of soutache embellishment on skirt flounce)
(This version was made in maroon-coloured wool gabardine with ruby silk velvet contrasts and draped sash, and ruby fringe trim).            (Closer view of jacket details)