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Most of our ready-to-use antique sewing patterns are currently available in our eBay store, The Fashion Archaeologist.   Our patterns do tend to sell out quickly, so if you go to our eBay store and can't see a particular pattern, check back again in 2 or 3 weeks, as we reprint the out-of-stock patterns on a regular basis.

We've listed the majority of them here to let you see our catalogue as we build it. Eventually a number of specific items may be for sale through this site only.

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                           OUR ANTIQUE PATTERN CATALOGUES

Our ready-to-use antique sewing patterns are arranged by type, and then by year of origin.  If you are looking for a specific garment, for example "blouse" or "corset", use the "Search" link at left to find that item, then scroll by year.   

Our patterns  are taken directly from antique sources.   We redraw and clarify the outlines of the original antique pattern (usually French in origin), translate and expand upon any existing instructions, incorporating them into our full new instructions, assemble the pattern pieces together on a large sheet, and add seamlines and other markings helpful for the modern sewer.   A master pattern is drafted by hand for each garment which is then professionally printed on sturdy 20lb paper.   Most designs are test-sewn and many are graded to modern sizes. 

A month or more of development work goes into each of our patterns.  We take the hard work out of interpreting antique patterns  to turn them into a user-friendly, clear format that anyone used to sewing with a  modern commercial pattern will recognize.  

Feel free to email us if you have any questions about our patterns or the sizing (use the "Contact Us" link at left).  Please check our eBay store for more extensive photos and descriptions of each pattern, or click on this link to our new, expanded PHOTO GALLERY to see photos of replica garments made from our patterns:  http://edwardianrose.dot5hosting.com/coppermine   

We're very excited about the upcoming months!  Many more patterns will be coming this year.  Be sure to check our eBay store from time to time for new designs, and subscribe to our eBay store newsletter (bottom left of the store home page) to get an email update whenever new patterns are available. 

NOTE: The recommended minimum level of sewing experience for each pattern is indicated by a code under the pattern number: "Beg" - Beginner,  "Int" - Intermediate, "Adv" - Advanced.  "Beginner" does assume some knowledge of the fundamentals of garment construction and sewing.

                             CATALOGUE   #1  ~ Adult Garments 


PATTERN #     DESCRIPTION                                                            PATTERN SKETCH
Price ($Cdn)       

3 Sizes

A classic 1903 ladies' corset cover, available in 3 sizes - state size preference when ordering -Small, Medium or Large (see bust & waist measures below): 
Small:  B: 86-92cm (34-36")/
           W:62-66cm (25-27")
Med:    B: 94-97cm (37-38")/
           W:71-76cm (28-30")
Large:  B: 99-104cm (39-41")/
           W:79-86cm (31-34")

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A traditional mid-Edwardian petticoat with pintuck detail and wide, semi-circular lower flounce, one size that will fit a Med/Large:
71-86cm (28-34") /
Hip: 97-114cm (38-46")
Shown in photo as made up, displayed with chemise (pattern #1904-A-001) and corset-cover (pattern # 1903-A-001)
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The essential undergarment of an Edwardian trousseau - a simple design that can be embellished as much as desired.  This is a DUAL-SIZE pattern, does NOT include seam allowances.  Sizing:
  Bust: 86-94cm (34-37”) / Waist: 66-79cm (26-31“) / Hip: 91-102 (36-40“)
Large:  Bust:  97-107cm (38-42”) / Waist: 81-91cm (32-37”) / Hip: 104-117cm (41- 48”)
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A pretty pair of classic Edwardian drawers (or bloomers) in "open" style with a wide lower flounce - One size, fits a Medium to Large size range:
  71 to 89cm (28 to 36”)
Hips:    96 to 114cm (38 to 46”)
Length at side seam: (incl. flounce & lace): Approx. 72.5cm (28-1/2”)
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Authentic mid-Edwardian S-bend, straight-front corset developed from the 1906 corset sketch shown at right.  The pattern comes with step-by-step instructions in English (including fitting and alteration) and includes a CD with over 100 colour photos depicting every facet of corset-making, as well as information on materials and equipment, & photos of sample finished corsets made from this design.  For experienced sewers.  Sized for a larger figure:
Bust: 38-42” (97-107cm)
Waist: 32-36” (81-91cm)
Hip: 41- 46” (104-117cm)

(Pattern not
available, but
see our "Custom Couture" section if you would like a corset custom-made from this design)
Our corset pattern is similar to the classic S-bend corset sketch shown here, which appeared in a 1907 French fashion publication.  At right is a sample of this corset pattern in pink silk satin (shown over an Edwardian replica chemise made from our pattern # 1904-A-001).  Click to see more photos of corsets made from our pattern: http://thefashionarcheologist.com/Gallery-Past%20Work/
... and another corset, front and back shown here, made from the same pattern, of pale blue 100% silk satin with a 100% cotton batiste lining. These corsets make wonderful bridal attire!  


A delicate, lacy corset-cover, typical of the later Edwardian era, with the square neckline designed to match the popular square necklines of day and evening garments of 1912.  Mixed laces, silk ribbon, batiste main body, and hidden front button placket closure.  This is a relatively easy heirloom lingerie project for anyone with intermediate sewing experiencePhoto shows corset-cover made up from this pattern almost exactly as the 1912 original would have been. Pattern will be available in our eBay store in mid-June, 2014

    Including day gowns, blouses, skirts, tailored suits, hats & accessories

Pattern No. DescriptionPhotoPrice ($Cdn)



An elegant 1912 blouse, with typical "kimono" sleeves (no shoulder
seam), decorative tucks, front blousing, and a high collar (optional).  Pattern includes the optional embroidery.  

Available in 3 sizes - Medium, which will fit a range of sizing about equivalent to Vogue pattern sizes 12 to 14; and a dual-sized Large and Extra-Large version, close to Vogue pattern sizes 16/18 and 20 respectively.                                              

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Beg or Int
In 1912, taffeta skirts with surface embellishment were all the rage, and this is a perfect example.  The skirt is appropriate for a beginner if made without the decorative ruching. 

Pattern is multi-size, roughly equivalent to
Vogue pattern sizes 12, 14, 16 and 18 
(See below for photo of the skirt as made up,
shown with Blouse Pattern 1912-A-001 above)

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Example of Skirt 1912-A-002
with Blouse 1912-A-001:
Blouse was made up in fine lightweight
100% linen with machine embroidery;
Skirt was made in 100% silk taffeta with
the ruching called for in the original
1912 design



Int to Advanced

An elegant ladies' mantelet or cape-jacket with decorative satin bands and tassels that can be made in any flowing, lightweight fabric (such as silk twill or lightweight wool gabardine).  A masterful French design that is easy to fit and versatile as a fancy outer garment over any Edwardian dress or skirt/blouse ensemble.  Pattern in 2 sizes: Small/Med. and Large/XLrg. 

Here shown in gold and burgundy wool with our skirt pattern #1912-A-010.

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Beg or Int

An elegant and flattering skirt, with a raised (Empire) waist, front panel (can be made in a contrasting colour) and "tulip" hem.  This tulip-shaped design was a favourite in 1912 and led to the draped skirts of 1913. 

Multi-size pattern: 5 sizes and 2 lengths, and instructions are included for further size alterations.   Can be made in a variety of fabrics: wool, linen, cotton, heavier silks.  This design has 4-season versatility, and looks wonderful with our jacket patterns. 

The photo at left shows this pattern made up in two tones of mid-weight wool gabardine, but it can be made all in one colour if preferred.

See our eBay store to buy pattern.



Graceful summer gown/afternoon gown with embroidered or jacquard ribbon trim and silk satin accent bands, high boned lace collar.  A perfect Titanic-era afternoon gown! 

Can be made up in linen or cotton types like piqué (for summer), or in wool for other seasons. 

Available as a multi-size pattern (5 sizes & 2 lengths)

This dress has the same type of "tulip" skirt design as our skirt pattern, which can also be made up with a contrast centre panel if desired.  The image at left shows an example of the dress as made up in white linen with contrasting embroidered jacquard ribbon and black satin bands. 

See our eBay store to buy pattern.

View of the graceful back of this dress (left), and (to the right) detail of front bodice and lace collar.




A gorgeous little Edwardian jacket with lovely 3-dimensional ruching all around the edges.  Best if made up in silk taffeta as in 1912 original.  Must be fully lined. 

Pattern available as a multi-size (Small, Medium & Large).

Very easy fit, looks lovely with our skirt patterns, but this design is still chic enough to wear today.  
Shown in photo made up in a deep forest green shot silk taffeta. 

See our eBay store to buy pattern.


~ LADIES' OUTERWEAR: Coats, Dusters, Capes, etc. ~

Pattern No. DescriptionPhotoPrice ($Cdn)

    Including formal evening & dinner gowns, fancy mantels, capes and headgear


Pattern No. DescriptionPhotoPrice ($Cdn)


Pattern No.DescriptionPhotoPrice ($Cdn)

Pattern No.DescriptionPhotoPrice ($Cdn)


Pattern No.DescriptionPhotoPrice ($Cdn)

           CATALOGUE  #2 ~ Children's Garments

~ GIRLS' GARMENTS, LINGERIE &  HATS - About 2 to 9 years old


A sweet little girl's lingerie dress for a 2 to 3 year old from the Titanic era, taken directly from a design that appeared in a French fashion magazine of April, 1912. 

Includes the original embroidery pattern that can be done by hand or adapted for machine embroidery.                                     

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From a Titanic-era French publication, this authentic copy of a 1912 design with lots of tucks and lace makes up into a lovely lingerie dress for a little girl of 2 to 3 years old. 

Best for those with intermediate to advanced sewing skills.

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A gorgeous little "lingerie" dress pattern for a slightly older girl -- about 6 to 8 years old, lacey and frothy, and oh-so-sweet! 

This pattern is in the original antique sizing for a girl about 6 to 8 years of age, but instructions are given with the pattern for sizing it up or down somewhat if needed.  Easy to fit, a bit of a challenging heirloom design, but so worth the effort!

The image at left shows the dress as made up in a lovely sheer cotton voile with mixed laces.

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store to buy

~ GIRLS' GARMENTS, LINGERIE & HATS - About 10 to 16 years old

Pattern No.DescriptionPhotoPrice ($Cdn)


  CATALOGUE  #3 ~ Baby Garments & Related

Darling & authentic Titanic-era baby dress and matching bonnet, complete with pattern for the Edwardian embroidery included in the original French design. 

Sized for a child of up to about 18 months

See our eBay store to buy    

        CATALOGUE #4 ~ Embroidery & Misc.

~ Embroidery Patterns ~

~ Linens & Household Items ~


[COMING SOON...] We'll be starting our publications catalogue with a small collection of fashion-history related CDs and antique fashion plate reproductions for the costume history enthusiast, and will be adding new items as time goes along -- please be sure to check back again!  Please note that although the individual images may be used for buyers' personal purposes, our CDs are copyright and the content is not to be duplicated for commercial purposes or for resale without prior permission from us. 

Item No. DescriptionPhotoPrice
CD-F1"The Parade of Fashion - 1901 to 1905": A sampling of ladies' fashions from 1901 through 1905, including B&W as well as many full-colour fashion plates and sketches from original sources.  All in ".jpg" format.  Use these images for study or enjoyment, or print them out to display. 
CD-F2"The Parade of Fashion - 1906 through 1909 " : A selection of B&W and full-colour fashion plates and fashion sketches from original antique sources for the years 1906 through 1909.  All in ".jpg" format.  Use these images for study or enjoyment, or print them out to display
CD-F3"The Parade of Fashion - 1910  & 1911" :  A selection of B&W and full-colour fashion plates and fashion sketches from original antique sources for the years 1910 through 1911.  Use these images for study or enjoyment, or print them out to display
CD-F4"The Parade of Fashion - 1912 & 1913": A selection of B&W and full-colour fashion plates and fashion sketches from original antique sources for 1912 and 1913.  Fashion began to undergo important changes in these two years, reflecting the technological and artistic advances of the era.  Use these images for study or enjoyment, or print them out to display
CD-F5"The Parade of Fashion - WWI - 1914 to 1918": A selection of B&W and full-colour fashion plates and fashion sketches from original antique sources for the years 1914 through 1918.  Women's fashions were radically altered by the First World War, and this CD traces the development of those changes in the fashion images of the time.  Use these images for study or enjoyment, or print them out to display
CD-F6"The Parade of Fashion - Post-WWI (1919 to 1921)": A selection of B&W and full-colour fashion plates and fashion sketches from original antique sources for the years 1919 through 1921.  Fashion was never the same again, and women's legs were seen for the first time in thousands of years after WWI.  This CD traces the developments in fashion that occurred immediately after the First World War, and the prelude to the Roaring Twenties.  Use these images for study or enjoyment, or print them out to display
CD-H1"The Era of The Titanic":  An informative survey of Edwardian social, political and fashion history, concentrating on the 1910 to 1913 period, with extensive photos in colour and B&W from original publications of the era.  A narrated Powerpoint presentation on CD that can be viewed either as a multi-media show or as still slides.  Great background material for costume studies, history clubs or schools. 
BK-001"Some Enchanted Evening": Prior to the 1920's, one of the main purposes of evening wear was to show off the attributes of young ladies to available bachelors.  This book outlines the fascinating phenomenon of ladies' evening fashion from the 1830's through 1910's, with a lively narrative following the changing styles, excerpts from contemporary sources on evening fashions.  Richly illustrated with colour and black and white fashion plates from each decade.  A great reference book and inspiration for designers, historians and amateur enthusiasts alike.  Quality softcover format, _____ pages, ____" x ____" size. 
BK-002"Bridal Dreams- 1850's to 1920's":  A whimsical look at bridal fashions, fantasies and customs from mid-Victorian to the roaring 20's.  The text is illuminated throughout with both black & white as well as colour reproductions of wedding fashion plates from original sources.  Contains numerous passages taken from ladies' publications of each era that enlighten us on the "do's" and "dont's" of bridal attire, modes and manners on the greatest day of young Victorian and Edwardian ladies' dreams.  Quality softcover format, _____ pages, ____" x ____" size.  TBC

These fashion plates are professionally reproduced on acid-free 80lb card stock suitable for framing and display.  These are the "best of the best" of full-colour fashion plates of each era, that have been digitally enhanced and corrected to remove age flaws and bring them back to their full original glory.  All in 8x10" size.  Shipped in bubble-mailer with protective cardboard backing.
Item No. Description ThumbnailPrice